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C.A.R. Distribtors - Misc Page 2
Codes: N = New Old Stock, R = Reproduction, U = Used, UL = Unlimited Quantity, RB = Rebuilt
RULD7ZZ0951223-LHWeatherstrip77-78 T-top quarter post to door window weatherstrip$41.50
RULD7ZZ6951222-RHWeatherstrip7 7-78 T-top quarter post to door window weatherstrip$41.50
RULD7ZZ6954780Weatherstrips77-78 T-top glass panels to roof weatherstrips$41.50
R8FZ9K799AValvedeceleration 2.3 liter $5.00
RULstate colorCarpetfull set$200.00
RULstate colorCarpetpassenger area$110.00
RULstate colorCarpetcargo area$100.00
RUL471-501/4 panelskin, side$65.00
RULFB- ISpoiler74-78 front spoiler$62.00
RULFB-2Louvers74-78 Cobra 11 window louvers$148.00
RULFB-3Scoop74-78 Cobra 11 lower side scoop$49.50
RULFB-4Spoiler75-77 Cobra Il front spoiler$59.00
RULFB-5Scoop75-77 Cobra 11 hood scoop$59.00
RULFB-6Spoiler76-78 Cobra 11 rear spoiler,center section$148.00
RULFB-7Spoiler76-78 Cobra 11 rear spoiler end caps R/H L/H ea.$74.00
RULFB-8Fan Shroud76-78 Cobra 11 fan shroud V8 w/o air$77.90
RULFB-9Dam78 King Cobra front air dam$130.00
RULFB-10Dam78 King Cobra front air dam extension R/H UK ea.$78.00
RULFB-1 IFlare78 King Cobra rear flare R/H UK ea.$60.00
RULFB-12Ft. valance75-78$89.50
RULLD1DiagramVacuum 1974$2.00
RULLD2DiagramVacuum 1975$2.00
RULLD3DiagramVacuum 1976$2.00
RULLD4DiagramVacuum 1977$2.00
RULLD5DiagramVacuum 1978$2.00
RULLD6DiagramWiring 1974$6.00
RULLD7DiagramWiring 1975$6.00
RULLD8DiagramWiring 1976$6.00
RULLD9DiagramWiring 1977$6.00
RULLDIODiagramWiring 1978$6.00
RULstate colorSeat coversfull set, standard, all vinyl$250.00
RULstate colorSear coversfull set, deluxecall
RULstate colorSeatfront only, standard, all vinylcall

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